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Have a local buddy help you find your right home in Danang city

Bởi Tran Bieu lúc 3:21 - 29/01/2019

Finding a place to stay when moving to the new town might be one of the most difficult and arduous things. Therefore, it would be better to have a local buddy help you find the right home.

local buddy help

Having a local buddy help you to find your right home in the new town is better than do it yourself – Source: elCarito

Benefits of having a local buddy help you find the right home in Danang

Having a local buddy help you not only find a home but also learn tips to adapt to the local culture. There are so many benefits of having a local friend in the first days moving to the new town.

Find an apartment with a good location

local buddy help

Get the apartment with good location will help your life in the new town easier – Source: chuttersnap.

You might learn about the convenient locations of the new town on the internet, but if you have a local buddy help to find a home, it will be definitely different. A local buddy, in this case, is an aboriginal person that gives you the right information about the real estate market. They will help you to find an apartment with a good and convenient location. Furthermore, a local buddy also helps you to explore the other locations which satisfy both conditions, convenience and cheap price.

Negotiate with the landlord

local buddy help

It is great to have a local buddy help you to negotiate with the landlord about renting conditions.

Language and culture might lead to difficulties in communicating with the landlord. Therefore, let the local buddy help you find the good apartment and negotiate the conditions with the landlord. Moreover, if you have other requirements for the apartments, the local buddy will help you to communicate with the landlord. After that, the change might work. It would be easier for you to start a new life in the new town than do it yourself. Furthermore, it also saves your time by shortening the time of negotiation.

Avoid the risk in market tricks

local buddy help

The real estate market in Danang city is in the bubble period. It means the price of a unit of real estate now may be higher twice to tribble compared to the actual price. As a result, it is not good for you who are a new-comer come to find yourself the apartment in Danang city. Thus, you should be better to have a local buddy help you find the right apartment in the new town.

Recommended apartments for you to go and see with local buddy help

local buddy help

A good apartment brings a great life in the new town – Source: Emily Wang.

In Danang city, there are entities that provide local buddy help to find houses and apartments for foreigners. However, we show you information about the apartments in Danang city which have good locations and full furniture. Let’s take a look at these following apartments.

Xinh Xinh apartment – 3 minutes walking to the beach

local buddy help

Xinh Xinh apartment is bright with the natural light – Source: Lodyhelp.

If you would love to live in an apartment which is near the beach, you can have your local buddy help to see this apartment. Xinh Xinh apartment is located on Do The Chap street. In an area of 60 square meters, this is a cozy and fresh apartment. The apartment follows the modern and simple design. It makes you more comfortable when coming back home after a long working day. Moreover, you can enjoy the fresh and cool air space due to the many windows of the apartment. There is also a windy balcony where you can spend the time to enjoy life here. A cup of tea in the end of the weekend to watch the sea at night. What else is more romantic?

local buddy help

Fully furnished apartment is located near the beach – Source: Lodyhelp

Furthermore, with the location near the beach, this apartment gives you chance to enjoy life like a local. Do not forget to take a walk on the beach in the morning to see the local life and enjoy the fresh, cool air from the sea. Moreover, there are so many seafood restaurants near the beach which serve fresh dishes. Additionally, you can drive to the city center in only 5 minutes.

In conclusion, this apartment does not only have good quality and full furniture but also have a great location. Therefore, it is so convenient for you to enjoy the local life and get adapted to the local culture. In order to be easier in negotiation and communication with the landlord, do not forget to have a local buddy help you get this nice apartment.

Gold House Studio – A cheap apartment in the city center

local buddy help

Cheap studio apartment in city center – Source: Lodyhelp.

It is not easy to find a cheap apartment in the city center of Danang nowadays. However, you can have your local buddy help you to see this apartment in the city center. Gold House studio site is on Phan Ke Binh street which belongs to Hai Chau district. It is in the city center with a bunch of location advantages. This studio apartment is near Dong Da wet market. You can either find fresh food for great meals or learn about the local culture and lifestyle. Furthermore, there are so many second-hand shops in this area. This is a very unique and interesting experience of the Vietnamese. Do not forget to try it!

Additionally, the studio apartment is near other famous destinations of the city that you can spend the time to explore. They are the city gallery museum, Han River bridge, Dragon bridge and so on. Moreover, you can also spend time walking on the Han riverside which is one of the most favourite entertainment of the local people.

local buddy help

Bright color theme of the studio apartment brings to you comfortable moments – Souce: Lodyhelp.

The bedroom of this studio apartment shares the same space with the kitchen. The whole space of Gold House studio is large with a big window that the whole apartment is lightened naturally. Besides, there are enough interiors that you can move in immediately after seeing this studio apartment. Due to the reason that this is a newly built apartment, the amenities are of good quality.

Totally, Gold House studio is a good apartment with amazing price in the city center that you should not miss out. Living in this studio, it is also a great chance for you to enjoy the lifestyle of the local through the venue around the apartment. Find for you a local buddy help to see this wonderful apartment right now!


It is always better to have a local buddy help your life during time living abroad. It is not only for finding the right apartment in the new town but also for adapting to the local culture. Do not let the life in the new town become your nightmare, make it amazing with the local friends!
Source: https://lodyhelp.com/local-buddy-help-find-home/

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