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Lộ trình thi THPT, tuyển sinh ĐH năm 2018 Thí sinh chưa trúng tuyển vẫn còn cơ hội vào các ngành mà mình yêu thích?

Đề thi thử THPT Quốc gia môn Anh 2015 chuyên Lý Tự Trọng

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Đề thi thử THPT Quốc gia môn Anh 2015 chuyên Lý Tự Trọng


1.Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others.

A. honorable           B. honesty                  C. historic                   D. heir

2. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others.

A. unfold           B. unfair                     C. unless                     D. undo

3. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others.

A. depends                B. years                       C. temples                   D. parents

4. Choose the word whose stress pattern is different from the others.

A. introduce              B. Japanese       C. technological          D. photography

5. Choose the word whose stress pattern is different from the others.

A. mausoleum        B. conservative           C. disqualify            D. magnificent

6.  Robert _______in three important water polo games so far.

A. has played           B. is playing           C. played            D. had played

7.  The man speaks ________ I cannot understand him.

A. so fast that        B. such quickly that    C. so fastly that       D. slowly enough

8. It is imperative that your facebook password ________ confidential.

A. need keeping       B. need to keep           C. needs to be kept     D. needed keeping

9. You should look up the meaning of the new word in the dictionary________ misuse it.

A. in order to not              B. to              C. so as not to             D. so that

10. The salary of a computer programmer is ________ a teacher.

A. as twice much as                                              B. as much as twice of

C. twice as higher as that                                      D. twice as high as that of

11. Tony didn’t study hard for the test. His answers ________ from someone else.

A. should have copied                                          B.  must have been copied

C. can have copied                                                D. would have copied

12. On the table _____.

A. the disks lay                 B. did the disks lie      C. lay the disks           D. lied the disks

13. The girls and flowers ___________ he painted were vivid.

A. who                   B. which                      C. whom                     D. that

14. He’d prefer ___________ chicken soup rather than ___________ milk.

A. having / having        B. to have / drink        C. have / drink       D. had / drank

15.  There is ____ in my bedroom.

A. a square wooden old table                               B. an old square wooden table

C. a wooden old square table                               D. an old wooden square table

16.  Our health is being _______ by air pollution.

A. dangerous                 B. dangerously            C. danger   D. endangered

17.  The 15th Asian Games was a _________ sporting event.

A. succeed               B. success              C. successful               D. successfully

18.  Don’t expect to be treated _____ in this hospital.

A. preferential         B. preference               C. preferred                 D. preferentially

19. Mrs. Jane gave her short speech to express her ________ for the retirement gift.

A. appeasement       B. applause        C. apportionment        D. appreciation

20. I want to take my dogs with me. I need their _____.

A. company                       B. relation                   C. relationship             D. companion

21. Children should be ________ by their parents on the first day of school.

A. accompanied         B. followed                 C. involved                 D. associated

22. The __________ cheered when the final goal was scored in the match today.

       A. spectators            B. onlookers                C. viewers     D. audience

23. Thanks for lending me your umbrella; it really came in _____.

A. used              B. handy                     C. handful                   D. needy

24.  Choose the word that is CLOSEST in meaning to the underlined part in the following sentence.

Roget’s Thesaurus, a collection of English words and phrases, was originally arranged by the ideas they express rather than by alphabetical order.

A. restricted              B. as well as                C. unless               D. instead of

25. Choose the word that is OPPOSITE in meaning to the underlined part in the following sentence.

In remote communities, it’s important to replenish stocks before the winter sets in.

A. remake           B. empty                     C.  refill                       D. repeat

26. Which is wrong?

The students who are revising for their exams are used to stay up late.

A           B         C                                 D

27.  Which is wrong?

All of the cities in Texas, San Antonio is probably the most picturesque.

A                        B                                     C                         D

28. Which is wrong?

By measuring the color of a star, astronomers can tell how  hot is it.

A          B                                                             C            D

29. Which is wrong?

Wealthy people have always desired and wear precious stones because their beauty is lasting.

A                                                        B                                                          C              D

30. Which is wrong?

      The water temperature in a spring depends on that of the soil through where the water flows.

                                                     A                        B                                                    C                        D

Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the correct answer to each of the questions.

            In most of the earliest books for children, illustrations were an afterthought. But in the Caldecott “toy books”, which first appeared in 1878, they were almost as important as the lines of text, and occupied far more space in the book. One can almost read the story from the dramatic action in the pictures.

            Since then, thousands of successful picture books have been published in the United States and around the world. In the best, the words and illustrations seem to complement each other perfectly. Often a single person, is responsible for both writing and illustrating the book. One of the greatest, and certainly one of the most successful, illustrator-authors was Dr. Seuss, whose real name was Theodor Geisel. His first children’s book, And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street, hit the market in 1937, and the world of children’s literature was changed forever. Seuss’s playful drawings were a perfect complement to his engaging stories and unforgettable characters. In 1957, Seuss’s The Cat in the Hat became the first book in Random House’s best-selling series, Beginner Books, written by Seuss and several other authors. These combine outrageous illustrations of people, creatures, and plants, and playful stories written in very simple language.

            Dr. Seuss is not the only well-known author-illustrator, of course. There is Max Sendak, who wrote and illustrated Where the Wild Things Are, the story of a little boy named Max, who becomes king of the fierce ( but funny) creatures that live in the Land of the Wilds Things. Robert McCloskey produced both the richly textured illustrations and delightful story of a family of ducks living in downtown Boston, Make Ways for Ducklings. Some books are produced by a collaborative author-artist team. Author Margaret Wise Brown combined with illustrator Clement Hurd to produce two delightful books loved by very young children, Goodnight Moon and The Runaway Bunny. Another example is the husband-and-wife team of writer Audrey Wood and illustrator Don Wood, who were responsible for King Bidgood’s in the Bathtub and The Napping House.

            Wordless and nearly wordless picture books have become popular. With a little help, three-and four-year-olds can follow the sequence of events, and they can understand the stories suggested in them. The marvel of books with few or no words is that they allow children and their parents the opportunity to tell and retell the same stories over and over in their own words. One of the most charming examples of a wordless book is Jan Omerod’sSunshine. Barbara Berger’s Grandfather Twilight and David Weisner’s Tuesday  are examples of books containing only a few words.

            U.S.publishers have also drawn on illustrators from other countries whose original, imaginative works have brought their different visions to American children’s books. Among them are Leo Lionni fromItaly, Feodor Rojankovsky fromRussia, and Taro Yashimi fromJapan.

                 ( Source: “ The Complete Guide to the TOEFL Test” – Bruce Rogers)

31. When did illustrations become important in books for children?

            A. In late 19th century                                     B. In 1937

            C. Only recently                                              D. In 1957

32. The word “they” in the first paragraph refers to ________.

            A. the earliest books for children                    B. illustrations

            C. the Caldecott “toy books”                         D. lines of text

33. The phrase “the best” in paragraph 2 refers to the best __________.

            A. picture books                                              B. illustrations

            C. authors                                                        D. words

34. According to the passage, pictures help make children’s books _________.

            A. sell better                                                    B. unforgettable

            C. more successful                                          D. more original

35. According to the passage, when was the world of children’s literature changed?

            A. Before Seuss’s first children’s book hit the market.

            B. Before Seuss’s made playful drawings.

            C. After Seuss’s first children’s book hit the market.

            D. After Seuss’s book became Random House’s best-seller.

36. Sunshine is given in the passage as an example of a book that _________.

            A. is very charming                                         B. is only for children

            C. contains only pictures                                 D. contains only a few words

37. The phrase “Another examplein the passage refers to an example of ________.

            A. a husband-and-wife team                          B. a delightful book

            C. an author-artist team                                  D. a book like King Bidgood’s in the Bathtub.

38. The word “original” in the last paragraph is closest in meaning to _________.

            A. in the first place                                         B. of the first source

            C. imaginary and beautiful                             D. new and creative

39. Leo Lionni, Feodor Rojankovsky, and Taro Yashimi are mentioned in the passage to show that____________.

            A. there are talented authors in different countries.

            B. U.S. publishers attract good artists from other countries.

            C. illustrators from other countries want to work for U.S. publishers.

            D. illustrators from other countries have different visions to U.S. publishers.

40. What is the main idea of the reading passage?

            A. Dr. Seuss was one of the most successful illustrator-authors.

            B. Husband-and-wife teams can become successful in producing books.

            C. Only wordless and nearly wordless picture books have become popular.

            D. Pictures are very important in books for children.

Read the following passage, and mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct word for each of the blanks from 41 to 50

Any change in one part of an ecosystem can cause changes in other parts. Droughts, storms and fires can change ecosystems. Some changes ___41___ ecosystems. If there is too ___42___ rainfall, plants will not have enough water to live. If a kind of plant dies off, the animals that ___43___ it may also die or move away.  Some changes are good for ecosystems. Some pine forests need ___44___ for the pine trees to reproduce. The seeds are sealed inside pinecones. Heat from a forest fire melts the seal and lets the seeds___45___. Polluting the air, soil, and water can harm ecosystems. Building ___46___ on rivers for  electric power and irrigation can harm ecosystems ___47___ the  rivers. Bulldozing wetlands and cutting down ___48___ destroy ecosystems. Ecologists are working with companies and governments to find better ways of ___49___ fish, cutting down trees, and building dams. They are looking for ways to get food, lumber, and other products for people ___50___ causing harm to ecosystems.

41. A harms               B. harmful             C. harmless                D. harm

42. A. little            B. a little          C. few              D. a few

43. A. fed            B. feed                     C. feed on                   D. food

44. A. flame                B. fires               C. blaze                D. burning

45. A. out              B. in                   C. go                   D. fly

46. A. moats              B. ditches             C. bridges             D. dams

47. A. on          B. around                C. over                    D. under

48. A. hills          B. jungles              C. forests               D. woods

49. A. catching               B. holding           C. carrying               D. taking

50. A. avoid             B. without                C. not                              D. no

 Choose the letter A, B, C or D to indicate the sentence that is closest in meaning to the sentence given in each of the following questions

51. Alice eats very little because she doesn’t want to put on weight.

            A. Because Alice doesn’t want to get fat, she eats quite a lot.

            B. Alice wants to put on weight, so she doesn’t eat anything.

            C. Alice eats very little, but she doesn’t lose weight.

            D. Alice eats very little so as not to gain weight.

52. The heavy rain made it impossible for us to have our picnic.

A. In spite of the heavy rain, we were able to have a picnic.

B. We were prevented from having our picnic by the heavy rain.

C. We could have our picnic even though it rained heavily.

D. The heavy rain didn’t prevent us from having our picnic.

53. He last had his eyes tested ten months ago.

A. He had tested his eyes ten months before.

B. He had not tested his eyes for ten months then.

C.  He hasn’t had his eyes tested for ten months.

D. He didn’t have any test on his eyes in ten months.

54. Peter didn’t arrive in time to see her.

A. Peter was so late that I can’t see her.

B. Peter wasn’t too early to see her.

C. Peter wasn’t early enough to see her.

D. Peter wasn’t enough early to see her.

55. The sooner we solve this problem, the better it will be for all concerned.

A. If all concerned are better, we can solve this problem soon.

B. It would be better for all concerned if we can solve this problem soon.

C. If we could solve this problem soon, it would be better for all concerned.

D. If we can solve this problem soon, it will be better for all concerned.

56. She said, “John, I’ll show you round my city when you’re here.”

A. She made a trip round her city with John.

B. She promised to show John round her city.

C. She planned to show John round her city.

D. She organized a trip round her city for John.

57. There’s no point in persuading Jane to change her mind.

A. No one wants Jane to change her mind because it’s pointless.

B. It’s possible for us to persuade Jane to change her mind.

C. Jane will change her mind though she doesn’t want to.

D. It’s useless to persuade Jane to change her mind.

58. Mr. Black: “What a lovely house you have!” – Mr. John: “__________.”

A. No problem                                                B. Thank you. Hope you will drop in

C. Of course not, it’s not costly                      D. I think so

59. John: “Do you feel like going to the cinema this evening?” – Mary: “________.”

A. I don’t agree, I’m afraid                           B. That would be great

C. You’re welcome                                       D. I feel very bored

60. Customer: “Can I have a look at that pullover, please?”  – Salesgirl: “__________”

A. It’s much cheaper                       B. Which one? This one?

C. Sorry, it is out of stock.                 D. Can I help you? 


Write a paragraph (about 100-120 words) about the international organization you would like to work for and why.


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