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Lộ trình thi THPT, tuyển sinh ĐH năm 2018 Thí sinh chưa trúng tuyển vẫn còn cơ hội vào các ngành mà mình yêu thích?

Đề thi thử THPT Quốc gia môn Anh 2016 – Đề số 2

Bởi Tuyển Sinh 247 lúc 9:44 - 9/04/2016

Write a paragraph of around 140 words about either your favourite sport or your hobby.

My hobby is reading books. I inherited a valuable collection of books from my deceased father and up till now my cultural treasures have been preserved carefully. Reading books broadens my mind improves my knowledge. They help me distinguish the bad from the good and prevent me from doing wrong. Reading books brings me minutes of happiness and pleasures. I have found a source of consolation and encouragement in books when I am in despair. They’re my true companions indeed. How relieved and comforted I feel when I can find in good books good teachers and friends! Instead of indulging myself in futile entertainments, I often absorbed in reading interesting books which always have miracles to soothe my sorrows and hardships and reveal to me strange and new horizons.


Question 65: There aren’t many tourists in this area

There are very __________________________________ in this area

Question 66: I very rarely go into the city centre, so I don’t know where to shop

I am _______________________________ shopping in the city centre

Question 67: I’m sorry I didn’t look at the hotel room before I booked it

I regret ________________________________ the hotel room before I booked it

Question 68: Communication changed completely when the telephone was introduced

Communication changed completely with ___________________________ the telephone

Question 69: “You’ve passed the exam? Oh well done!” my aunt said to me

My aunt ___________________________ the exam


1 số câu hỏi trong phần trắc nghiệm

Question 6: According to _______ surveys, the majority of Britons are in favour of the monarchy

A.the most         B. most        C. most of         D. the most of


Question 7: For the first few minutes she was leading the race, then she began to fall _______.

A.out                  B. through           C. back               D. off

Question8: People said that he would ________ a bad end. They were right. He went to prison and died there.

A.come to         B. come through         C. come into        D. come round

Question 9: A: Do you like eating fish ?

B: _______ .

A. I enioy fishing                                                   B. I don’t have any.

C. Yes, it’s my favourite.                                       D. Like this

Đề thi thử THPT Quốc gia môn Anh 2016 – Đề số 2

DownLoad Full ( Đề Thi + Đáp Án ):de-thi-thu-thpt-quoc-gia-mon-anh-nam-2016-de-so-2

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