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Lộ trình thi THPT, tuyển sinh ĐH năm 2018 Thí sinh chưa trúng tuyển vẫn còn cơ hội vào các ngành mà mình yêu thích?

Đề Thi Thử Tiếng Anh THPT Quốc Gia 2016 số 5

Bởi Tuyển Sinh 247 lúc 11:41 - 11/04/2016

Phần tự luận. WRITING (2.0 points)

 Part 1. Transformation (0.5 point): Finish each of the following sentences in such a way that it means the same as the sentence printed before it.

Question 65: They are going to build a new school in this area.

-> A new school______________________________________________

Question 66: He can’t give you a lift because he doesn’t have a car.

-> If he had__________________________________________________

Question 67: “I’ll come to see you next weekend,” Nam said to Lan.

->Nam promised_______________________________________________

Question 68: My book is not as expensive as yours.

->Your book is________________________________________________

Question 69: He didn’t know how to swim until he was 30.

->It was not until______________________________________________

Part 2. Paragraph writing (1.5 point)

In about 140- 150 words, write about the benefits of doing exercise.

Health is considered to be the most valuable thing one possesses. And the simplest, cheapest, but the most effective way to better one’s health is doing regular exercise. One advantage of doing exercise is to reduce stress. Doing regular exercise helps the body produce happy chemicals that make the exercisers reduce the worries about life and work as well as forget the boredom and unhappiness. Another benefit exercising brings us is that we will feel more energetic to face and overcome our daily difficulties. Doing exercise helps us reduce the possibilities of being ill, protects us from some fatal diseases as heart disease, cancers and diabetes. Regular exercisers are believed to have healthier, happier and longer lives. The other good thing is that doing exercise helps us feel more self-confident. We know exactly what we can do or what abilities, talents we have. We will think positively, do confidently, and lead an optimistic life if we practice exercising regularly. Controlling our weight effectively is another value. Perspiration occurs when we exercise, which helps our bodies get rid of bad things inside. Fats are burnt during our practicing exercise, which helps us to keep fit. To sum up, doing exercise enables people to have good body-buildings, keep fit and brings exercisers many benefits. Sparing time doing exercise will ensure us a longer, healthier and happier life

DownLoad Full ( Đề Thi + Đáp Án ): De-thi-thu-mon-tieng-anh-nam-2016-de-so-5

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